Wonderful World - 3 Stones/Crystals
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Wonderful World - 3 Stones/Crystals

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Wonderful World Stones for May New Moon

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Receive 3 stones/crystals:

Moss Agate (Tumbled): Stone of nature and earth energy.  Grounds one's spiritual energies within the physical body.  Attracts great prosperity and enhances the achievement of personal goals.  Fosters a deep connection to the Earth. 

Snow Quartz:  Helps us to look  through the eyes of a child and see with a sense of wonder and awe thus soothing us from the negative and cynical energies of the world.  Promotes a sense of innocence and purity.  Encourages hope and    wisdom.  A more feminine variety of quartz, it carries a softness.

Strawberry Quartz: Highly invigorating, it is an action crystal of strong energy that builds fearlessness, fosters action, and promotes productivity.  Aids in transforming aspects of your life while attracting what is desired and needed for a new way of being.  Amplifies love, gratitude and generosity.  Invigorates the physical body.  Comforting.. 

The theme for the May 11th New Moon in Taurus is "Simple Nourishment" focusing on Presence, Body Wisdom, and Pleasure! 

*Stones will not necessarily match photo but all are beautiful and high quality.