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Maha Mala - Masterful Living KIT

$ 57.00

Masterful  Living - Maha Mala KIT - Made to Order (ships within 1 week)

Make your own mala kit- Includes beads (pre-strung), stick for tying knots, needle, tassel string and guru bead. 

Carnelian:  Restores vitality and motivation, stimulates creativity. Stabilizing and promotes positive life choices, brings success. Anchors us in the present moment. 

Chinese Turquoise:  Brings freedom from suffering, Creates an opening for joy, love, and freedom from limitation and fear.

108 gemstone beads, hand knotted and blessed with sacred mantras.

Video instructions to make your mala at home: click here  VIDEOS

Kits do not come with instructions.  Click on "VIDEOS" above to purchase links to my full instructional videos for only $6  Click here to find upcoming workshops and events:  WORKSHOPS


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