Maha Mala - Lakshmi Ma KIT
Maha Mala - Lakshmi Ma KIT
Maha Mala - Lakshmi Ma KIT
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Maha Mala - Lakshmi Ma KIT

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Lakshmi Ma - Maha Mala KIT (Black Cord) - Made to Order (ships within 1 week)

Make your own mala kit- Includes beads (pre-strung), stick for tying knots, needle, tassel string and guru bead. 

Multiple Gemstones:   Honoring and invoking the energies of the Goddess Lakshmi this mala reflects abundance, prosperity and generosity.  Attracting all of these qualities into your life while bringing a sense of well being and security.   The lotus represents beauty and purity and is an offering to her.  Jai Ma!

108 Gemstone Beads hand-knotted and blessed with sacred mantras

 ***Each of these is unique and will not be exctly the same as the photo. All are beautiful!

Video instructions to make your mala at home: click here  VIDEOS

Kits do not come with instructions.  Click on "VIDEOS" above to purchase links to my full instructional videos for only $6  Click here to find upcoming workshops and events:  WORKSHOPS