KIT - Blossoming Inspiration Maha Mala
KIT - Blossoming Inspiration Maha Mala
KIT - Blossoming Inspiration Maha Mala
KIT - Blossoming Inspiration Maha Mala
KIT - Blossoming Inspiration Maha Mala
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KIT - Blossoming Inspiration Maha Mala

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KIT - Blossoming Inspiration - Maha Mala - Made to Order (Ships in plenty of time for the New Moon Circle on May 29th)

Make your own mala kit- Includes beads (pre-strung), stick for tying knots, needle, tassel string and guru bead. 

Blue Tiger Eye: a highly soothing stone that Brings a “go with the flow” attitude. It calms fears, cools down hot tempers and helps alleviate anxiety. Brings a deeper insight to emotions and challenges helping to process through your personal work with greater ease. Keeps you aligned with personal truth and helps with focus.

Lapis: Stimulates personal and spiritual power. Releases stress bringing deep peace. Assists in speaking one’s truth. Strengthens manifestation energies. Higher communication, proper judgment, ideal resolutions, release of temerity, augment self-expression.

Blue Sponge Coral: This stone calms, stabilizes, reduces fear and insecurity. Heals your relationship with your inner child and promotes healing of childhood trauma. Aids in understanding children in general. Sponge coral enables you to be child like and have fun at play. Enhances imagination.

Biotite Mica: Assists with mental clarity and more organized thoughts. Helps us to look at different issues intelligently. Increases the quality of our thoughts and how we process information. A crown chakra stone it assists in channeling. Helps clear the mind, brings tranquility and relaxation.

Red Hematoid Quartz: Balances body, mind and spirit. Improves feelings of self worth as well as focus. Brings clarity and understanding to emotions and helps you to respond consciously rather than react. Helps with grounding and balance when feeling scattered. Calms anxieties and stimulates healing. (Quartz with Hematite)

Bumble Bee Jasper: Very energizing, it helps you to be quick on your feet, be decisive and adapt to your ever changing life. It supports new and exciting ways of being and helps you keep steady when you step out of your comfort zone. It reminds you that you are the one in con-trol of your life and gives you the courage to pursue your path.

Navy knotting cord and tassel.

Hematite Guru Bead for grounding. 

The Theme for the New Moon in Gemini "Blossoming Inspiration" with a focus on Shared Ideas/Inspiration,  Curiosity/Adventure/Play and Excitement (with a bit of grounding and focus). 

108 gemstone beads, blessed with sacred mantras.  

Video instructions to make your mala at home: click here  VIDEOS

Kits do not come with instructions.  Click on "VIDEOS" above to purchase links to my full instructional videos for only $10  Click here to find upcoming workshops and events:  WORKSHOPS