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Elements Maha Mala - Ether

$ 93.00

Ether Element - Maha Mala - In Stock (Ships within 48 hours)

Ether, the fifth element, describes the Spirit that exists beyond matter. It is the space out of which all material objects spring forth. Ether is a subtle sea of energies from which all things are made manifest.  It is the element of the universal creative field and the one mind.   It is the center of the sacred.  Use ether stones to:  Increase intuition, connect to the divine, tune into your guides, open your crown chakra, deepen meditation, increase your awareness,  increase spiritual support and guidance, heal deep wounds and trauma, achieve higher states of consciousness, cultivate unconditional love and gain clarity. 

All stones on this mala are faceted. 

Amethyst: Enhances higher states of consciousness. Protects against negative energy. Heals and cleanses. 

Labradorite : increases intuition, psychic development and esoteric wisdom. Helps with subconscious issues, and provides mental illumination. Provides clarity and insight into your destiny. 

Quartz: Channels universal energy. Amplifies positive energy, healing, manifestation, and protection. Brings clarity and balance to the mental, spiritual and physical. 

Prehnite: Crystal of higher awareness and unconditional love. Helps to attain very heightened states of cosmic awareness and communication with ethereal entities. 

Lepidolite : Helps shift old energy patterns. Facilitates spiritual transcendence and cosmic awareness, supports meditation and prayer.

With etched Quartz mantra guru bead "Om Mani Padme Hum".

 108 gemstone beads, hand knotted and blessed with sacred mantras.

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