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Elements Maha Mala - Earth

$ 90.00

Earth Element - Maha Mala - Made to Order (Ships within 10 days)

Earth element governs the structure of our lives (home, family, career).  Earth is the principle element of our body. It is the realm of prosperity, abundance, and growth. Using crystals and stones of the Earth element is great if you want to: ground your energy, center and stabilize your energy, protect your energy field, attract money, gain strength, attract success, improve fertility, grow plants, to bring balance when you are: changing careers, moving, ending a relationship, dealing with physical/survival issues. 

ALL STONES on this mala have a matte finish.   

Moss Agate: Connects one to the earth in a grounding and nurturing energy.  Brings the bounty of prosperity.  Releases fear. 

Scene Jasper:  Balances the physical, intellectual and emotional bodies with their etheric energies. Protective and grounding. 

Taiwan Jade: Gives us ambition to get our objectives accomplished. Helps provide us with confidence to become more self assured, self sufficient and self reliant. 

Red Jasper : Promotes endurance, a gentle, but vital, stimulator of chi, or Life Force, bringing physical strength and energy, stamina, focus and determination. 

Hematite: Like the teachings of the Buddha to walk the middle path, it brings equilibrium and is grounding and protective. Increases courage.

With Scene Jasper guru bead.

108 gemstone beads, hand knotted and blessed with sacred mantras. 


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