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Elements Maha Mala - Air

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Air Element - Maha Mala - In Stock (Ships within 48 hours)

The air element represents the power of the mind. It brings imagination and inspiration, new ideas and visionary leadership. It is the element of travel and communication. Using crystals and stones of the Air element is great if you want to: enhance your intellectual abilities, develop inspiration, improve memory, improve communication, expand awareness, bring up new possibilities. 

Gray Cloud Quartz: Structures, stores, amplifies, focuses, transmits and transforms energy, which includes matter, thought, emotion and information. 

Chinese Turquoise: Creates an opening for joy, love, and freedom from limitation and fear.

Clear Quartz:  Brings clarity and balance to the mental, spiritual and physical. 

Lapis: Assists in speaking one’s truth. Strengthens manifestation energies. 

Smokey Quartz: a very protective and grounding stone. Facilitates ability to get things done in the practical world. Enhances organization , increases endurance.

With Gray Cloud Quartz guru bead,   

108 gemstone beads, hand knotted and blessed with sacred mantras.   

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