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In collaboration with Gem Scents Aromatics:

Mala Bracelet Gift Set with Tabletop Inspiration Card (Pre-order) $38.95

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Give the gift of a specially made mala bracelet by Peacock Arts, vegan hand-poured candle, 4 oil scents, creme, and custom tabletop inspiration card to honor the spirit and body!

Indulge in a relaxing experience after a stressful day. This gift set provides several products that will help you unwind and stay anchored. Pamper yourself with this collection of GSA products and beautiful custom mala and enjoy some mindfulness moments.

I am OBSESSED with Spirit Corley's products and very honored to be collaborating with her.  Her scents bring joy to my whole BEing! Gem Scents Aromatics is a local Black Owned/Woman Owned business,  Check her out! - Ky 

 "I’m the owner and creator of Gem Scents Aromatics a beautiful line of pure aromatic body oils made from high-quality essential oils, exotic imported oils, and superior uncut oils from around the globe! These intoxicating aromatic body oils are the Perfect Perfume Alternative! Gem Scents Aromatics was created for those who love natural aromas that complement their “SCENT” style sense leaving a lasting impression (literally)! Scent is one of our strongest senses linked to memory and emotion it’s also one of our most sensitive of senses, which is why I love creating a scent experience for my customers. Aromatic body oils complement the body’s chemistry to create a unique body scent."  Spirit Corley