Deep Healing - 3 Stones/Crystals
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Deep Healing - 3 Stones/Crystals

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Deep Healing Power Stones for March New Moon

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Receive 3 stones/crystals:

Lepidolite (Tumbled): Helps shift old energy patterns bringing light and hope, balance and inner peace around our experiences.  Provides strong emotional support.

Amethyst (Raw Point): A “master healer”, clears grief, protects from negative energy, opens us to our higher consciousness, facilitates spiritual healing.  

Clear Quartz (Raw Point):  A “master healer”, it is an amplifier crystal, it strengthens the energy of the other stones and the points direct their energy. Channels universal energy. Amplifies positive energy, healing, manifestation, and protection. Brings clarity and balance to the mental, spiritual, emotional and physical.

The theme for the March New Moon in Pisces is "Deep Healing"

*Stones will not necessarily match photo but all are beautiful and high quality.